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  Xiamen XM-Innovation Chemical Co., Ltd is a high-tech  company, which is committing to research, develop, produce and market own intellectual property of the specialty chemical products. Quaternary ammonium salt and IN-300 Esterification Reaction Catalyst for  DOTP are most recommended products for users.
     Quaternary ammonium salts with high purity, which are ideal for phase transfer catalyst in pharmaceutical intermediates, metal extraction agent, wood antibacterial agents, detergent and disinfectant agent, softening agent and anti-static agent in textile auxiliaries, plating additive, cationic surfactant and organic-silicon polymer catalyst.
     IN 300 is a new catalyst with first kind non-acid and non-alkaili, which can be applied for producing DOTP (Dioctyl Terephalate) or other plasticizers in esterification reaction, it has advantages of good stability, less additive, less reaction time, and less waste water
     Our company keeps close cooperation relationship with domestic and oversea R&D personnel and institute in long time, which is not only a base of our production methodology in leading position, but also a powerful technical support in developing new products. we are looking forward fore more excellent chemical talents to join us, or to cooperate with us in scentific research.